What if We Treated our Bibles Like We Treat our Cell Phones?

Here’s an interesting ‘Funny Friday‘ clip from Pastor Greg Laurie (Harvest Church). He tells some very amusing stories about how cell phones have become central to our lives, but more importantly, he draws an interesting analogy between cell phones and the bible.

Listen as he explains what would happen if we treated our bible the way we treat our cell phone, and just what that might mean for our Christian walk.

  • What if we carried our bible around like we carry our cell phone?
  • What if flipped through our bible several times a day, like we do our cell phones?
  • What if we treated our bible like we couldn’t live without it?
  • What if we gave a bible as a gift to our kids?
  • What if we brought a bible when we traveled?
  • What if we used a bible in case of emergency?